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Triton Bay

Tucked away in the remote south region of Papua lies the vibrant reefs of Triton Bay. A location described by leading marine biologists as a “species factory” due to its huge fields of soft corals, giant sea fans and clouds of plankton-feeding fish, all fed by the incoming nutrient-rich river waters. Dive sites in this region are swarming with fish and almost every nook and cranny is occupied by an exotic invertebrate.

DIVE DAMAI liveaboard trips to Triton Bay explore the entire region. In the north is Namatote island, a great place to search for the elusive leopard shrimp on the colonial anemones. In the south is the current-rich Aiduma Strait with the iconic soft coral-covered dive site, Little Komodo. Further south is the clearer water surrounding the island of Dramai and dive site, Batu Jeruk, appropriately named for its thick covering of bright orange soft corals.

Enjoy the comfort of DAMAI I or DAMAI II liveaboards on a charter out of Kaimana and combine diving Triton Bay with our Raja Ampat itineraries.


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